Taylor T-3 Natural

€ 1.495,-

The Taylor T-3 is an exquiste semi-hollow guitar that takes a tried and true concept to an all new level. The 2 piece sapele body is almost complete hollow save for two strips that form a centreblock and support the stunning quilted maple top and hold the pickups. The sapele neck with ebony fretboard is joint to the body with Taylor’s rock solid T-lock system. The T-3 features two high definition humbuckers which are low output pickups that read around 4K at the neck and 5k at the brigde position, making them brighter than a traditional humbucker and very open sounding more or less like you’d expect with a Filtertron equipped guitar. With their dynamic response and clarity the HD pickups live up to their name and capture every nuance of your playing. The pickups are both wired to a coil-tap for single-coil operation, and by pulling the tone-knob you engage a different capacitor giving you maximum control over the T-3 tonal potentials.

The 24,75″ scale-lenght and slim neck profile make this an effortless playing guitar, and those familiar to the feel of a Taylor neck will feel right at home. The overall quality and craftsmanship is second to none as you’d expect from a higher end Taylor model, and the materials used are all topnotch hardware and superior tone-woods.

This beautiful T-3 is as new, absolutely perfect condition! Includes the original Taylor hardcase.